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Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Ultra Vibrant Color 4RV London Luxe

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Bold, beautiful vibrant burgundy red color, for your most fashion forward look. Created with salon color expertise, Vidal Sassoon Pro Series London Luxe Hair Color in Mayfair Burgundy lets you achieve our long-lasting, ultra-vibrant color-outside of the salon. With a specially calibrated formula, each shade features a perfect blend of high-impact pigments, giving you rich, permanent color that lasts up to 8 weeks. From vivid violets to stunning coppers, achieve the lustrous, on-trend tresses you want.



How to Use Refer to enclosed leaflet - perform a strand and allergy test 48 hours before you color. Preparation Put on the colorist gloves. Tear off and discard tab from the VS PrecisionMix™ Developer Crème application bottle, then unscrew the applicator bottle cap. Add the VS PrecisionMix™ Permanent Color Crème to VS PrecisionMix™ Developer Crème applicator bottle then carefully replace the applicator bottle cap. Place gloved finger over the applicator tip, point away from face, and shake thoroughly for a minimum of 20 seconds until fully mixed. Immediately apply the color to your hair. Once mixed, never reseal or store the color in a closed container as it could burst. Application – All over Color Ideal for first time colorers or if you haven’t colored for several months. Step 1: Apply Color Part your hair into small, even sections using the applicator tip. Apply color first to your roots and stubborn grays then immediately through the length of your hair. If any color gets on your skin, wipe it off immediately with a damp towel. Step 2: Time it Leave on for 30 minutes (or time indicated by your strand test). Throw left over mixture away. Root Application Ideal for colorers who color every 4-6 weeks Step 1: Apply Color Part your hair down the middle and apply the color mixture to your roots. Use the applicator nozzle to separate your hair into sections and continue applying color to your roots only. Save the remainder of the color to use for the rest of your hair. Step 2: Time it Leave the color in for 25 minutes (or 5 less than the time indicated by the strand test). Then gently work the remaining color through the rest of your hair. Leave the color on your hair for an additional 5 minutes. Rinse and Condition Rinse your hair thoroughly until water runs clean. Apply the conditioner, leave for 2 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with warm water. Save remaining conditioner and continue to use once a week (after shampooing) in place of your usual conditioner. Tip: For best results use a quarter-sized amount for each application.