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Physio Logic Fever-Friendz Stick-On Thermometer Fever Indicators

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Kids will be kids, which means getting sick from time to time. When a fever strikes, it can be difficult to tell if the child's temperature is just a little bit elevated or dangerously high. Now there's a new way to help parents and caregivers easily monitor a child's health. AMG Medical PhysioLogic Fever Friendz Stick-On Fever Indicators are a great way to monitor fever; they can be placed on a patient's forehead to help measure and track their progress. These patches provide a visual representation of the fever instead of relying solely on numbers or a thermometer. The stick-on indicators work by changing color depending on the patient's fever level, helping to take the guesswork out of fever management. These colorful patches adhere to the child's skin and provide a visual guide to fever's progress; the bright colors make it easy to see at a glance, and they're even waterproof!