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Life Source Quick Response Blood Pressure Monitor

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This Life Source blood pressure monitor is equipped with functions such as memory, time and date, and many others simply pressing a button. It can store up to 280 readings in memory and displays the average reading them. In addition, the time and date function displays the time and date at which the measurement was taken. Users can also program up to three alarms per day to remind them of their blood. The apparatus comprises a EasyFit Cuff, an innovative cuff that instantly adjusts the arm. EasyFit cuff is designed to accommodate various sizes of arms, measuring 23-43 cm (9 in. - 17 in.) to provide the best comfort and accurate readings. This monitor clinically validated offers two innovative, the indicator level functions (Pressure Rating Indicator ™) pressure and detection of an irregular heart beat. The level gauge pressure is a function that provides a summary of your blood pressure classification based on your measurements. This allows you to quickly find the meaning of your readings. In addition, this device includes the unique feature of irregular heartbeat, which provides accurate measurements of blood pressure and pulse rate measurement even in the presence of an irregular heartbeat.