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Fixodent Control + Food Seal

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This adhesive denture cream gives you a long, strong hold. This adhesive can be applied in a thin, continuous line around the perimeter of your dentures. The Precision Tip Nozzle gives you the control to apply just the right amount of Fixodent where you want it. With this cream, you'll get a great fit, a long strong hold with less ooze, and you'll even help seal out tough food particles.


Ingredients: Polymethylvinylether Maleic Acid Calcium-Zinc Salt, Mineral Oil, Petrolatum, Cellulose Gum, Silicon Dioxide, Red 27 Aluminum Lake, Yellow 6 Aluminum Lake.


Prepare your dentures by washing thoroughly with warm water. Be sure your dentures are completely dry before applying adhesive. Apply the Fixodent adhesive cream to your dentures in thin strips or a series of dots. Do not apply too close to the edges of dentures. Start with a small amount of product; use more adhesive if you need more hold. Press your dentures firmly into place and hold briefly.