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Dr. Scholl's One Step Callus Removers

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Dr. Scholl's One Step Callus Removers is a patented medicated formula containing salicylic acid USP 40% w/w that removes calluses effectively and provides immediate cushioning and pain relief from shoe pressure. It's an easy, one-step application, with no need to apply medicated disk and cushion separately. The medicated disk removes callus while cushion relieves pain due to shoe pressure.


Active Ingredient: Salicylic Acid (40%). Inactive Ingredients: Antioxidant (Cas 991-84-4), Iron Oxides, Mineral Oils, Petroleum Hydrocarbon Resin, Silicon Dioxide, Synthetic Polyisoprene Rubber, Talc.


Wash affected area. Dry thoroughly. Apply medicated cushion directly over callus.