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Bausch & Lomb Biotrue Multi Purpose Solution

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Try Biotrue multi-purpose solution today - and experience advanced lens care inspired by the biology of your eyes. Biotrue multi-purpose solution moistens in a way your eyes do as it uses a lubricant also found in your eyes and it is pH balanced to match healthy tears. Biotrue solution helps prevent certain tear proteins from denaturing for clean contact lenses and fights germs for healthy contact lens wear. Key Features & Benefits • Dual-disinfection system. • Uses a lubricant found naturally in your eyes. • Matches the pH of healthy tears. • Available in the lens care aisle at your favorite retailer. Biotrue solution is formulated to work like the eyes: • Matches the pH of healthy tears. • Utilizes the eye’s natural lubricant to deliver long lasting hydration. • Helps to maintain the eye's healthy tear proteins. Biotrue solution conditions, cleans, removes protein, disinfects, rinses and stores soft contact lenses including silicone hydrogel contact lenses. Inspired by the biology of your eyes, Biotrue is an example of bio-inspiration. Other notable examples include: • Velcro brand fasteners inspired by the burs of burdock plants • Airplane designs inspired by the shape of birds' wings • Flexible-soled sneakers inspired by the human foot • Carton and bottle are 100% recyclable.