Can't find Children's tylenol or Advil? We got you covered!

Can't find Children's tylenol or Advil? We got you covered!

Your child is teething or has a fever and the hurt in their eyes says it all but your local pharmacies are all out of stock of children's tylenol and advil? 

We understand how difficult that could be- most of us pharmacists are parents too! 

While Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children was busy causing massive panic when they released a letter stating you needed a prescription for such pediatric over the counter medications. We're here to tell you that is simply untrue. 


How can your pharmacy offer a solution:

1) Please do not panic buy or hoard these medications, there's other kids out there that need help too. 

2) Given that acetaminophen (tylenol) is an unscheduled medication, no prescription is required. However, given the recent backorders, we may from time to time, give a lesser quantity to ensure other kids get some pain relief as well. 

3) Please don't be waving your child's prescription at the pharmacist- if we don't have any, it won't magically appear. BUT:

4) Other solutions pharmacists can offer:

  • We can offer commercially manufactured tablets such as (regular strength acetaminophen/ibuprofen) and calculate the required dose for your child allowing us to split/crush the tablet.
  • We can compound it for you! if you visit a compounding drugstore, (such as Mcknight's Pharmacy & Compounding Centre) we can customize dosages based on your child's weight and needs. 


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