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McKnights Pharmacy

Sensodyne Fresh Mint Toothpaste

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This daily-use toothpaste with a great minty taste helps relieve and prevent tooth sensitivity pain by building a barrier that blocks the pain of cold and hot foods. It also freshens your breath, prevents tartar build-up, and keeps gum clean.


Medicinal Ingredients: Potassium Nitrate 5%, Sodium Fluoride 0.243% (Flouride 0.11%)Non-Medicinal Ingredients: D&C Yellow #10, FD&C Blue #1, Flavour, Glycerin, Silica, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Sodium Phosphate, Soidum Saccharin, Sorbital, Titanium Dioxide, Water, Xanthan Gum.


Recommended for adults and children over 12 years. Apply as required, twice daily. As with other toothpastes, if irritation occurs, discontinue use.